How to Train After the CF Open

The 2020 CrossFit Open is officially over! The Open is always a great 5 weeks of having the opportunity to push a little extra hard, try some things you wouldn’t normally do in training, and best of all, do it with your gym friends and family cheering you on! 

The question now is, what should I do now that the Open is over?

    The one downside to the Open is that it can instill the false belief that we all should be pushing to, or past, our limits everyday and we should be striving to achieve some arbitrary “RX” standard of exercising. Don’t get caught into the trap of treating all, or even most, of your workouts like they are an Open workout. Doing so will not only increase risks of pain/ injury, it can lead to burnout of exercise, and impede your results. 

    Instead, following the Open is a great time for a few things:

  1. Fixing pain. If you have been “pushing through it” during the Open, or before, now is a great time to start putting focus on how to fix that pain instead of just continuing to push through it. The good news is, we can help! Schedule a free movement assessment so we can find what limitations you have that may be a key factor in your pain! If you’re thinking…. Man, it would be nice to not be in pain every time we do “X”….. then you NEED help fixing the problem, and we WANT to help!!
  2. Working on weaknesses/ imbalances. Following the Open is the perfect time to figure out what your weaknesses are and come up with a plan to attack them. Maybe strength is your weakness, or you are still unable to do pull-ups/ muscle ups, or you are a good squatter, but not deadlifter. Anytime a movement shows up and you think… Dang, i am not good at “X” or, I am unable to do “X”, there is a weakness in your fitness. Now is a great time to have a program to address these weaknesses to become a more well-rounded and better athlete. 
  3. Having fun with training! The Open can bring a little extra pressure to perform at your highest level. Now that it’s over, take a sigh of relief and get back to enjoying exercise and having fun with! Don’t take every workout so seriously, slow down some days, and remember why you are exercising in the first place!

Hopefully this helps guide some of your training now that the Open has come to an end. Again, we WANT to help any way that we can. Get with a coach to set up a time to go over what your goals are, whether it’s getting out of pain or finally being able to do “X”. If we are able to help, we will!