Member of the Month- Alisa Mills

Name: Alisa Mills   

Age: 49

Profession/Career: Executive Director of the Community Humane Shelter of Steuben County 

1. Why do you train?

I made a promise to my son Alex, that I would join when it opened. I need to for me, I am turning 50 this year and my husband and I loke go on active vacations and I do not want to be the slow one. To be active outside of the gym especially on vacations.  We like to hike.

2. Why do you do train at our gym?

Because I live in the area and my son got me to sign up.

3. What were you most afraid of when you first joined our gym?

Gym Gorillas and Angry Coaches. My son assured me that coaches wouldn’t be screaming in my face. Gym Gorillas are big guys who lift a lot of weight and scream and holler.

4. What one thing got you to take the initial leap and sign up?

Alex. He is very supportive. He even came over to load the cows one morning so I could come to CrossFit class.

5. What are your goals?

Stay healthy and stay active. I am looking forward to an active retirement.

6. What is most important to you in your life right now?

Work/ Life balance, I struggle with that because I get obsessed with my job. It can eat you alive, literally because I run the Humane Society. That is why I come at 5 am because I know that I can commit to it. Any other hour of the day I do not know if I can commit to it.

7. What are your biggest challenges/ pain points in life right now?

Pushing my limits and not being so conservative.

8. What improvements have you noticed in our short time training here?

My husband says I am sleeping harder! He says I don’t even move anymore. So better sleep.

Better, more free movement at work. I can do daily tasks easier. I am surprised I am already seeing improvements.

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