Why YOU Should Do The Open

The 2019 CrossFit Open is right around the corner! What is The Open all about and who is it for? We are going to be giving you all the details on who, what, when, where, and why!

The CrossFit Open is a five-week online fitness competition that kicks off February 21st. So how does it work?

    Every Thursday for five weeks (starting 2/21) CrossFit Headquarters will release a workout. Participants have until the following Monday to complete the workout and enter their score on CrossFit’s leaderboard. This leaderboard will show where you stack up across everyone that has signed up from all over the world (last year there were around 500,000 participants!). As you participate in the open for multiple years, you are able to watch yourself improve as you become fitter amongst everyone in the world!

    So who is the open for and why should you participate? The Open is for anyone and everyone. Just like the workouts we do everyday, there is the RX and scaled options to meet you at your level. We have put together the top 5 reasons YOU should join the fun and sign up for The Open;

  1. Community- The Open allow you to be apart of something a little bit bigger. It’s all about participating in an event that brings athletes of all genders, levels, regions, ages and ethnicities together around the world. The CrossFit community has over 15,000 gyms worldwide and The Open is a great way to feel connected. Participating will also bring our small community here at CFA to be closer as we judge each other’s workouts and cheer for each others accomplishments. We will all complete the Open workout every friday during the morning and noon class and in the evenings we will have our “Friday Night Lights” event!
  2. See Where You Stand- When you register for The Open, you can compare your scores to fellow CrossFitters in your community and across the globe! You can also narrow your scope to compare against people of the same profession, age, region, etc. This will help you push yourself just a little bit harder than normal each week and gives the workout some more meaning. The fun thing about The Open leaderboard is each year you can watch as your placing gets better and better as your fitness increases!
  3. Be Inspired- Watch the professionals of the sport go head to head and battle against each other doing the same workout we are doing! Their hard work and pure athleticism is shocking and inspiring. It is awesome to see people of all levels do the same exact workout that you are doing each week.
  4. Learn- Gain insight watching the live WOD announcements. CrossFit analysts make predictions and review strategies and approach. Watch other athletes for cues about pacing and technique. Get feedback directly from the athletes after the WOD, or talk to your coaches and fellow Open participants on the best way to attack each workout for success!
  5. Have Fun While Getting Fit- This is a great excuse to stay a little later at the box with your friends. Challenge yourself/ others and support your box mates during their workout. This can become one of the most fun and exciting times of the year! Bring your family and friends to come watch you complete The Open WODs each week during “Friday Night Lights”! We encourage people to hang around after their heat to cheer each other on and partake in their beverage of choice….anything from FitAid to beer 🙂

To sign up for The Open, visit games.crossfit.com and click “REGISTER”. The first workout is released on 2/21 so don’t wait! Sign up now and don’t regret saying no because of your fears and excuses! If you have any questions, feel free to hit up your coach. See you #InTheOpen

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