Stimulate, Don’t Annihilate

Why do you want to go 100% every day? 

Are you doing it because that’s what you see posted on other’s social media?

Are you doing it because it allows you to forget about things that are bothering you?

Are you doing it because you don’t feel you are good enough unless you “left it all out there”?

IF you want to be able to CRUSH it for the rest of your life, stimulate your body with just enough work over an extended period of time.

IF you want to crush it NOW, but not necessarily for the rest of your days, go 100% every day.

Stimulating your body makes it sharper, stronger, and more efficient.

Annihilating your body…..well, destroys it.

Understanding the “Why” you train and what your goals are can reveal a lot about what you ACTUALLY want or need.

If you want to be fit/ healthy for life outside the gym for the long haul: Stimulate, don’t annihilate.

Peace and Fitness.